Why REVA was founded

I am a psychiatrist and have practiced in community mental health for the last 25 years. With the onset of the pandemic and explosion of mental health issues, I was struck by the frequency with which my friends and family were reaching out to me for help in navigating mental health issues either in themselves or their loved ones. While everyone knew how to access care for physical health issues, there seemed to be no clear road map for how to access mental health care. Since this is a landscape that I know and understand, I saw this gap in knowledge as a space that I could make a real difference in. Through REVA, my goal is to match the patient's needs with the background and expertise of the provider, to maximize the chances of success in treatment. I am hopeful that, for everyone that reaches out to REVA, we are able to connect them with a mental health provider that is optimally suited to their specific situation.

Mala Nayak, MD, REVA Founder

What does REVA mean

REVA means a river and the name was chosen as a metaphor for our journey in life.  Just as rivers might encounter barriers and veer away from their course, forging a different path, we too, may meet challenges and need to meander away from our prescribed course in life’s journey.  And it is REVA’s endeavor to support you as you navigate the course that’s right for you regardless of the stage of life that you might be in, from “babbling brook” to “brimming river.”